Terms and Conditions for renting vans


Third Party Liability Insurance valid throughout Europe;

It does not apply in the event of drugs and alcohol use, other intoxicating drugs, and in case of non-observance of the Road Traffic Act.

Road tax – vignette for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria;

500 km mileage per day but no more than 7000 km per month;

The end price does not include 20% VAT;

Terms and Conditions

Requirements to the Renter:

The Renter must be at least 23 years old and present a valid driving license, and a blue coupon for at least 5 years. Identity card (passport).

For a contract with a legal entity, the driver (if not the Managing director) must provide a power of attorney and a valid employment contract.

Rent duration:

The minimum rental period on which the price is calculated is 24 hours. In the event of a delay in returning the vehicle after the rent duration expires without notice and permission from the Company, the client is charged as follows: up to 4 hours – one rental day; over 4-8 hours – two rental days, over 8 hours – 3 rental days.

Form of payment and deposit:

When booking a van or a trailer, you can make a partial prepayment (15% of the end price) or full prepayment by credit card or bank transfer. Your credit card will be charged by Green Drive Ltd. – the name of our company. If a partial prepayment has been made, the Renter must pay the balance amount when renting the vehicle. Possible methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer or cash payment. When renting a vehicle, the Renter is required to make a deposit with a credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard) issued in his/her name or by bank transfer (for legal entities). For payment in cash, the Renter pays the double amount of the due deposit.

Vehicle type Deposit paid by card or bank transfer Cash deposit
Van 500 BGN 500 BGN
Refrigerated van 500 BGN 500 BGN
Passenger van 500 BGN 500 BGN
Trailer 200 BGN 200 BGN

Administrative charges:

Upon return of the vehicle with unfilled tank – 20 BGN

For stopping the vehicle from movement by the law enforcement authorities, by fault of the Renter – 400 BGN

For leaving the border of Republic of Bulgaria without permission – BGN 650

In case of loss, destruction or theft of a registration certificate, key, remote control, vehicle registration plates – 500 BGN

In an proven case of smoking – 100 BGN

Charge for travelling abroad – 120 BGN /per country/

Charge for a traffic accident, damage, theft or any incident whether or not the Renter is guilty – 60 BGN

Responsibility of the RENTER

In case of an accident, the Renter is obliged to provide to the Company all issued documents by the Traffic Police certifying the event. In the event of failure to submit them, the Renter shall be liable and pay the full amount of damage and the number of days required until the vehicle is fully repaired;

In case of theft or total damage the Renter is obliged to provide to the Company all documents issued by the Traffic Police certifying the event. In case of failure to submit them, he shall be liable and pay the full price of the vehicle;

The Renter bears full responsibility for partial loss, loss of parts or accessories, and damages to the interior of the vehicle (upholstery, dashboard, seats, lining, luggage racks, etc.) and cardo compartment;

Charge for lost documents, CD player, registration number, GPS navigation or vehicle keys in the amount of BGN 700;

In the event of an accident abroad, regardless of the fault, the Renter is obliged to transport at his own expense the rented vehicle to the border of Bulgaria. In this case, a replacement vehicle is not provided.

In case of damage, a one-time administrative charge of BGN 72 is charged.

All vans are equipped with video recorders and GPS modules. It is in the common interest not to be switched off by the Renter.


A maximum mileage of 500 km/day is included in the price of the van. If the specified mileage is exceeded, additional mileage is paid as follows:

Daily mileage included Monthly mileage included Price per extra km
500 km/day 7000 km/month  0.40 BGN/km


The vehicle is supplied with a full tank. On returning the vehicle with an unfilled tank, the customer pays the missing fuel at the price of BGN 3.00/l and a charge of BGN 20.

Non-office hours charge:

When renting or returning the vehicle at non-office hours, a charge of € 20 is applied. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08:30 – 17:30. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are non-working days.

After confirmation by Green Drive Ltd., the Renter is obliged to send a scanned copy of a driver’s license and a passport for the issuance of the necessary documents at least 3 working days before the start of the rental. Limitations may apply.

Terms of cancellation/change of booking:

Confirmed booking can be cancelled/changed within 72 hours before the start of the rental period, without charge. If a booking is cancelled less than 72 hours before the rental period, a charge of 15% of the final rental price is charged, but not less than the rental price of the vehicle for one day. The prepaid amount will not be refunded if the Renter fails to appear. The prepayment made at the time of booking will be refunded if an alternative vehicle cannot be provided.